Wednesday, March 27, 2013


The Illuminati is a secret society which means the enlighten ones, and they chose

that remark for all the knowledge that they know. They are the conspiratorial organization

which is amenable for many mastermind events , and control solid ground affairs with

establishments and corporations to achieve their New World Order.

The modern origins of the illuminati trace backrest to the 1760s to a man named

Adam Weishaupt. He was a professor of the catholic church canon law at the university

of Ingolstadt, Bavaria. He was trained as a catholic priest , that he believed in Satanism

and humanism. Which is the belief that a soul could attain great god like power by the

help of demons . He spent five years paternity methods of world revolution , and he was

under orders and pay by the Rothschild dynasty with the goal to achieve a one world

regime . He called this government The novas ordo seculordom. this Latin phrase

is indite in the back of the one dollar bill. With this phrase is the date 1776 that is

written in roman numeral at the bottom of the masonic pyramid . On top the Masonic

pyramid is the centre of compeer with the saying annuity coeptis which means he Lucifer

has smiled on our undertakings .

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Most people thinks the date 1776 represents the birth of

the fall in states , but no its really represents the illuminatis one world for Satan. (illuminatiwikipedia pg 1-4)

The illuminati was the cause for most of the worlds historical affairs. They have got

taken credit for having stirred up the revolutionary struggle to weaken the British empire.

They also take responsibility for causing the French revolution to destroy the French

empire. Another station result of the illuminatis actions were the Napoleonic wars to

weaken the governments in europium . The illuminati formed the league of nations to help

with their one world government , but when the illuminati went to the soviet union they

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